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The Barn Compton

Our Compton started life in 1933 as a 3/7 installed at the Picture House, Douglas, on the Isle Of Man. It was later removed by Organist and Organ Builder, Ron Curtis, and installed in Gorton Evangelical Church, Manchester. In 1989, it was purchased by Steve Tovey and installed in the Barn at The Grange where it remains today. We meet fortnightly on Sundays, please contact us for details.


The Compton is also available for private practice on certain days throughout the year.



  • Tibia Clausa, Diapason, Stopped Flute, Gamba, Double String, Vox Humana, Tuba, Muted Trumpet, Orchestral Oboe, Kinura


Also housed within 'The Barn' is the ex 3c/9 Gaumont, Coventry Compton organ.A deal was struck with Les Allit for the club to become it's new custodians.


The organ will become the flagship installation at the Barn and our intention is to preserve the sound of the Gaumont organ. Our original Isle Of Man console (above) and parts will remain in situ.
The Gaumont organ will now receive an overhaul over the coming months and we look forward to presenting it to you before to long.


The Ex Regal Golders Green Wurlizer is also housed in the Barn. This console is being fully restored back to full Pneumatic compatability. It's future plans include being able to control the Barn Compton pipework, with it's own dedicated  Wurlitzer Tibia Clausa, and Vox Humana.

During summer/autumn 2020, members of CCOC undertook a full restoration and refurbishment of the Barn. This included a complete redesign of the Autoitorium and Foyer areas. As the organ was not playing in public during this time (due to the COVID-19 pandemic), we took the opportunity to fully overhaul the Compton Theatre Organ. This included the releathering/repair of several motor and valve components, the addition of some ranks, as well as general tidying work in the organ chamber, on the console, and to the relays.

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